A Guide for the Married Man (1967)

“A Guide for the Married Man” (1967)


sWingin’ in the rain

I think i know what this was intended to be. This story and editing should swing in front of your eyes the same way Gene Kelly used to wing, literally, dancing in his past musicals. I tender the idea, the man uses the image the public has of him, and tries to be coherent with it, behind the camera. The story is about swingers, guys who dance around adversities, schemes to fool their wives, that environment where adultery is fun, and the good guy never falls for it, because deep down, he’ll fall for the truth of loving his wife. So we’re constantly shifting sets, and than turning to those sets, introducing new characters, telling stories which we don’t know for sure happened, and that is made in a kind of frantic (for those days) succession. Kelly tries hard to keep editing up with the story, and i appreciate the effort, but he is not skilled enough to do this properly. This same year, Stanley Donen directed one remarkable piece of filmaking, which i think is essential, ‘Two for the Road’, he tried similar stuff, but he succeeded in ways Kelly couldn’t do. There, Donen managed to control editing and storytelling in coherence. These two minds had been responsible for a great experience, Singin’ in the rain. By this film, and “two for the road”, we understand they knew they could get somewhere else. Donen did it but this is just a try.

My opinion: 2/5

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