The Transporter (2002)

“The Transporter” (2002)


dry powder

This is based on nothing. Everything explodes, but it blows nothing. The elements that were used on this film will be regarded, i suppose, as the main characteristics in action films from this first decade of the century. We have a specific cinematography, based on blue tones which in the end work as a kind of sober image, tough, hard. This is supposed to set the tone for the action, which will be choreographed, but also hard, heavy, sometimes violent. Editing has a fundamental part in all this, many times we, spectators, won’t be allowed to understand exactly everything that happens. The Bourne features started this, i think, Casino Royale successfully exploited the notion, as well as several other films. Not this one. This is a collection of useless tricks, which don’t work in any situation, in any part of the movie. There’s nothing here. It emulates badly its references, it lives on a certain style, but that style is corrupted and it is incompetently used here.

My opinion: 1/5 stay away.

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