Billy Madison (1995)

“Billy Madison” (1995)


Sandler with a help

this is a vulgar project with two redeeming moments.

Adam Sandler has accustomed us with projects in which everything is driven around his character, every element exists to enhance his qualities as a comedy performer. He is one of those humorists who built his career around a character. In his case, someone who is a weirdo, apparently a clueless guy who, nevertheless, is able to fulfill something purely honest and hard. So is the case here. Even the title gives us what we’ll see: billy, and not much else.

There is a matter of personal choices here, if you like Sandler, you’ll be able to stand this, i suppose it has good moments according to his ‘character’. But it is, otherwise, a vulgar experience with not much to give.

There are, however, two quite well done episodes. The first is the participation of Steve Buscemi. He shows here also referencing and making fun of his own character, the strange psycho, the old Sandler’s classmate who became a psychopat with sexual deviation. That was really funny, because of the association we make to the previous characters of Buscemi. The other moment is the musical piece. I suppose it works because it’s fully unexpected. At least i didn’t expect it, and it emulates with a good comedy level the classical musicals it references. Of course except for these moments, there is not much here.

My opinion: 2/5

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