D-Tox (2002)

“D-Tox” (2002)


How to avoid being a good film

When i get to things like this, i try not to focus on the obvious things which are bad, or simply are not there and should be. I try to understand the things that could have been good, but simply were missed, out of incompetence, commercial pressures (whatever that is) or pure inability to see those possibilities.

Here, that unused potential is rather clear to me. We have a main character which is, to a certain degree, insane. He is placed among other characters in a closed space, somewhere in an adverse cold climate. Those characters all are as insane as the main character, and they all look like they’re hiding something. That’s it. This could be explored in a highly visual manner. We even have a fantastic hint on visual thinking: the psycho-pat who chases Stallone is someone who kills by taking out the eyes, and he claims to Stallone “i see you but you don’t see me”. We don’t get a look at his face until very close to the end, at least knowing who he is… How can this be passed over?? I think it happened because Stallone was (too much) allowed to recover his 80′ hero, Rambo, mainly, the guy with a dark past who gets revenge. So lame… At a certain point near the end it’s not even believable that he has any kind of insanity. This kind of writing is really incompetent stupid and, worse, lazy.. It relies on formulas, and it misses the opportunities it creates. Skip this one.

My opinion: 1/5

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