Get Carter (2000)

“Get Carter” (2000)


not action

I actually liked this one. It has an interesting visual construction, which has to do, i think, with coherent photography and specially editing. It’s visual storytelling in the sense that, the plot, though thin and relatively uninteresting is fully told visually. No devices including those common excessive dialogues used to overcome the lack of visual devices. As a positive thing here i see the global artistic coherence, in boards built almost as a mosaic.

But this is very hated project. Why? i have a theory. The public enjoys Stallone because he performs 9 out of 10 times the typical American hero. Such as his other fellow colleagues like Seagall, Van Damme, Schwarzenegger (these two were American imports). More recently, this part is probably being played by Vin Diesel. So Stallone earned his recognition among fans of franchised heroes such as Rambo or Balboa. Those characters don’t show too much here. It’s still a typical “kill everybody” revenge plot, but very softened by the way things were visually put together. So the problem (for the success of the film) in my opinion was: starring Stallone, the film was immediately calling for fans of those kinds of commercial productions, aimed at beating up the audiences with tales of heroism, revenge, physical action and higher old fashioned moral (the American ego calls it “american values”). Here we have none of that. Instead we have relatively intelligent and sensitive cinematic visual construction. But the audiences prepared for those experiments probably didn’t feel the need to watch this one. I suppose that was the thing here.

So, i think this is worth taking a look, it’s relatively interesting int the way it edits in coherence with the plot, it is all made in a highly visual way. In fact, we come to find out the “truth” of the facts in the plot through a film inside the film. We watch that film, together with Stallone, so once more, through a device planned to choose image as the medium.

My opinion: 3/5 a mildly interesting cinematic experiment.

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