The American President (1995)

“The American President” (1995)



Take the ordinary man who only wants to find true love. This is by now a wore out formula, and i suppose it was already wore out 12 years ago. This time we have Michael Douglas playing that part. I don’t think it fits him so well, but this is side complaint. Than add that layer of American pride, which always takes American cinema (the bad commercial cinema) to portray the president, place him as a god, larger-than-life by making him “just” a human. So the ordinary man is the president of the States, the “most powerful man in the world” is an ordinary man Get the paradox? You will have this film, as one more variation on the theme of the “let’s show us Americans why Americans should be proud of themselves” (i’m not American). There’s nothing in this one, obviously, it is laughable practically all the way, even more when we check Douglas’ uneasiness practically all the time.

My main complaint is not against who produces this kind of stuff but on who allowed me to get to it without me making any effort. In other words, why should world cinema markets outside the USA invest in products such as this one? I know that the American culture is, more than any other culture, universal by now, their elections are followed worldwide, their economical situation, their war threats, etc. but that is political. This shouldn’t be necessary. There are so much better “escapist” things coming from so many places, even from the USA. Pity.

My opinion: 1/5

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