Paycheck (2003)

“Paycheck” (2003)


explosive nothing

This is really messy. Early today i reviewed Blade Runner’s director cut, it had been about a year since the last time i saw it, it’s always healthy to review those beautiful pieces, it let’s your imagination work visually and it prepares you to face stuff like this with a stronger basis. How can someone neglect Phil Dick’s stories in a such a way that they become a simple run and chase with some enigma to solve in the middle? What is the meaning of making cinema if one doesn’t care on solving visually the challenges the story has? Hitchcock always used simple stories, many times uninteresting (or just interesting enough to give the film somewhere to go) . This was because he knew that what mattered was visual storytelling, so he stayed out of “trouble” regarding deep concepts in the text, because he had visual ideas he wanted to explore. Italian opera composers would seek for similar uncompromising stories so they could concentrate on the music. Making this Dick’s story as it shows here is like taking a romance by Balzac and making a soap-opera out of it; it’s not that it isn’t possible, but it’s picking up great concepts which come involved by a story to demonstrate them, striping off the concept, and you leave the naked useless story. There are great hints on memory in this Dick’s creation, what is real and what is implanted, the meaning of creating memory, creating future (past?) creating destiny. This is really good material, and well, i have seen Blade Runner early today… the ambiguity, the posing questions without feeling the need to see where all the pieces of this envelope fit in the set… get it? Here we only get noise, lots of it, explosions and the useless fighting scenes. we get nothing… The performances are not that good either. Afleck is arrogant and likes to get noticed. Uma does her job, i guess, but she has limitations, even though we don’t have to get to them to see where this totally fails.

My opinion 1/5 there are projects in which content is really taken to consideration. This is not one of them

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