Jeu (2006)

“Jeu” (2006)

Cinanima 2007


musical video clip

This is basically about transforming music (here a Prokofiev concert) in a soundtrack. And the chosen path is to do it in an abstract free of a story line way, freely playing with shapes which are always changing and adapting, colors (red, yellow, cyan) placed with different positions and effects and movement. So, experimentation is the key concept, and there are some interesting results from time to time.

I specially enjoyed that allusion to the dot painting of Seurat or Pissarro. It was very interesting the way the dots (red and yellow) moving over a cyan ton last plan created a great sensation of water fall, or moving water. Impressionists would have loved this.

The idea of circular motion in terms of composition (and in many individual elements inside that composition, like the initial numbers turning into other numbers by circular movement) is also interesting.

But all this lacked some unit and despite its less than 4 minutes long, it has (too many) partitions and unlinked portions. That’s its flaw

My opinion: 3/5 interesting as an experiment

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