In Memoriam (2006)

“In Memoriam” (2006)

Cinanima 2007


What a terrific experience. This has many qualities, some related to its visual aspect/editing/sound work and others related to the way the drama/story is built. These two aspects alone can make a film worthy for me (in fact in certain cases only one of the aspects can make the experience worthwhile, if well explored).

So i really enjoyed the face of our Pierrot, it’s really tender just by looking at it, it does have a charge of suffering and nostalgia over things that haven’t occurred. The musical fitting is superb. I know it is a cliché to use music boxes or related stuff to produce animation tender moments, but i usually disregard the fact that i’m watching a cliché if that cliché is well worked out. This is the case. The workshop is also quite interesting, the lighting is adequate.

Than we have the aspect which interested me more here and which has to do with narrative construction, and story motivators. So, we have our puppet falling in love with the creation of his creator. He plans on being corresponded but this female puppet dancer. He suffers a true heart break as he finds out that his old creator is now producing a lover to his female dancer. By this point we know who’s in charge, the old human who was responsible for the creation of the whole set and characters and story we get so far, is writing our narrative. Than he dies, suddenly and out of the blue. As he dies he leaves our Pierrot with two choices. One, to fulfill his intentions and join the two created lovers, Two, to serve his own purposes and “get the girl”. The interesting thing is that from here on, the writer changes, and the decisions are made by the puppet, the Pierrot. And as he decides to make what his creator would have done, this ends with us watching the sad clown puppeteering the final scene (which was “written” by him). So the theme is a decision over who decides the story, this is very interesting stuff, and something cinema often explores. Here it is specially well done, in a clear way. Check it

My opinion: 4/5

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