The Pearce Sisters (2007)

“The Pearce Sisters” (2007)

Cinanima 2007


i don’t know whether i would be capable of “feeding” my visual imagination the whole time, every day, with animations like this. What i mean is, whenever we watch a film, any film, animated or not, we get into the world of its author (at least when the film is a bit interesting). But in “real image” films, that world is built from a number of elements the author picks from several places from the world of “reality” and those elements are bended to the author’s specific vision and imagination. Two different directors given the same elements will necessarily produce two different works (the same way two architects with exactly the same constructive elements and program and place will produce two distinguishable buildings). This also applies to animation when its made over “serial” processes or when the visual conception include many creating people.

But when we have “authored” animation, like in this case, this whole question of “entering a new world” gains a whole new meaning, and we visit a whole new dimension. This is because everything is fully generated by someone’s imagination which is, of course, rooted in real aspects and real elements, but every element comes twisted and bended to one specific interpretation (style?), and this submits those elements and everything that happens to new rules, new laws. That’s at the same time the most fascinating/disturbing aspect of animation and the one which can keep me more distanced from it. That is because either you really get into the world, and enjoy being there (it can make you happy, upset, reflexive or purely angry, but it has to be a fascinating/seducing world) or it will be a bad time for you to be there, inside the core of the author. In this case, these morbid sea observing characters were an interesting world to check, but it makes me more tired to watch 9 minutes of this than a whole feature film made over real flesh and bone characters. I’m interested in trying to figure out why this happens. This film made me revive my relation to animation, at least in this level i referred.

My opinion: 3/5 it may not cause you what it caused me, but it still has interesting elements.

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