Le Manteau (2007)

“Le Manteau” (2007)

Cinanima 2007


this one had a good element to explore, but failed because it basically ignored that element. I’m talking about the title, the “coat” which could be the engine of something at the same time purely cinematic and specific to be worked as an animation. I say this because, for me, many animations fail when they try too hard to be “normal” cinema, and the animation processes are used to imitate what would have been done in reality captured images. I (usually) don’t appreciate that kind of films. Here we had that good thing i mentioned: a coat on which one character “sees” a “moving” close relative long gone. So, the “animation” is generated by the eye of this female character. So we have an animation (the dancing jacket) which occurs inside other animation (the film we are watching). The problem is, after this first and promising scene where we understand the gap between the female character and the rest of the characters, this idea simply ceases to be explored, and we no longer get the animated jacket, or any kind of visual “game” with that element in relation to the way the woman and the other characters see it. Pity, it could have been something interesting, but not the way it was done.

My evaluation: 2/5 good idea at root, but not well explored

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