Ein Sonniger Tag (2007)

“Ein Sonniger Tag” (2007)

Cinanima 2007


when i check animations i really appreciate stuff like this. Here we have a simpler than simple story. We can’t even talk about story. This is just about “animating” common objects or entities which in reality are natural phenomena and justifying the mechanics of the physic “real” world based on pure imagination. In the same session where i saw this one, i watched in the first place a terribly awful “Toot & Puddle, i’ll be home for Christmas”. In common with this one, they have the age target (children?). And i was as upset with the first film as i was pleased with this one. This one has simplicity in the graphic expression, in the imagined explanations for the “behaviour” of the sun and in time: 6 minutes long. it’s hand drawing based, with a constant use of a kind of sand yellow and layered on that watered subtle tons. This works out challenging in visual terms, and understands the way imaginative minds work (the minds of children) and that’s why it is funny, exactly the opposite of “toot…” who treats children as total retarded beings.

Check this one

My evaluation: 4/5

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