Over the hill (2007)

“Over the hill” (2007)

Cinanima 2007


I really like the mood of this one. And the way the graphic choices support that mood.

This shows up as a memory of old American cartoons, by Warner Brothers and others. The lettering of the credits, the watered flat colours, and the simplified drawings, very expressive with not so much complexity (less is, in this case, more).

So, if the expression of the thing takes us to an American old way of producing animation, the theme (and mood) takes us to the tea pot England, aided by the constant use of several wall paper patterns which cover the whole screen. So we get an amusing story which subverts some of the (many) English clichés, related to tea, tricot and society old ladies. We have and “adventure” (an amount of unreal events in an unreal scenario and situation) which end up in climax, happy ending, as the old cartoons used to.

So we have no genius here, but it’s interesting work mainly for the references it chooses and the way they reflect here.

My opinion: 3/5

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