Le programme du jour (2007)

“Le programme du jour” (2007)

Cinanima 2007


this is cinematically as cold as the theme it depicts. Usually that would be a good thing, and a statement of coherence and balance between the theme and the medium. But here i place this observation as a fault which kept me from enjoying this. We have digital animation in use, but it is quite inefficient, despite technically competent.

I did enjoy the initial shot, which was made (at least it appeared so) after those cubic structures Escher used to draw to suggest infinite space. The way the virtual camera is used is really exploring the possibilities that animation brings into exploring space, as an advantage in relation to physical shots. This was well done here, and well finished as well, with the good detail of the corpse cube covering the only light spot.

But than what happens inside the cube, between these two shots is just vapid and meaningless. I didn’t care much about this version of the empty unhappy contemporary world, because everything was so cliché here, every element was used over and over whenever an empty idea is forced to look like a deep one.

So, except for how it started and how it ended, this is not such a good experience.

My opinion: 2/5

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