about an election

7Olhares (portuguese version) ranking first in the election of best portuguese blog in 2007,category “entertainment”

It was all very sudden what happened these last few days but since the nomitation of 7Olhares for best portuguese blog 2007 in category entertainement until it ranked first, by juri decision, i had little time to think about it. Since i started this idea, at end of last May, this is my proudest moment. Only the nomination made all this worth it, but being the first in a list with such quality is more than i could ever imagine half a year ago.

1º. 7 Olhares
2º. Cine-Asia
3º. Deuxieme

4º. Cineblog
5º. Cine7
6º. Hotvnews 2.0
7º. TVDependente
8º. LOST in Portugal
9º. Tvcinews
10. Séries & Filmes
11. Viciado em Cinema e TV (A Sequela)
12. Blog da Trilogia BTTF

I congratulate all other blogs listed for the passion and motivation with which they hold their projects (i like to call them ideas). The format blog has to be one of the greatest conquests in a long time in what concerns individual expression and sharing possibilities so it should be stimulated with this kind of initiative.

I recall what i wrote the day i started this place:

“… I have the hope, more, i have the ambition to be read and, maybe, commented. That’s my invitation.”

this is still my invitation…


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