Hook (1991)

“Hook” (1991)


Going to cinema’s never land

Most of the times Spielberg shoots, he is aiming at tenderness. Sometimes he delivers some form of worthy entertainment, usually more understandable by children or less intellectually demanding audiences, other times he doesn’t. Here we have the second situation. The thing is, Spielberg has also, in all his films, a kind of safety net that stops him from total disaster. That net has to do with Williams’ scores and his camera which is most of the times able to be a complement to the actors (most of the times quite bad, especially children).

So, he chooses a story which is naturally in the hearts of a good part of his audience (1 point to tenderness) and he reworks that story introducing nostalgia in the feelings of the own hero, who is himself reason for nostalgia in the memories of many grown ups in the audience; this gets the spectator even more in touch with the story, children or grown ups (family film, another point for tenderness). But than that’s it. Absolutely nothing else. No cinematic idea, no intelligent writing, not even good performances (Robin Williams can do better, but he’s not asked to). So we have a succession of shots, scenes, which are not magical, but ordinary; not insightful, but standard; not cinematic, but vulgar. You do have Williams on the background, but here his score works for the reminiscent style of his other scores we know to be associated with higher cinematic concerns… So there is not much to be appreciated here.

My evaluation: 1/5 i do not like to attack Spielberg as much as many of his detractors, but here he really failed.

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