Ratatouille (2007)

“Ratatouille” (2007)


Welles cooking!

This is very good work. Pixar is by now a solid bet, and they have brilliant minds who are working their ways in new cinematic adventures. Here is another.

The principle of the thing is a being (mouse) who is able to control another being (human) and thus create his art (gastronomy). This is announced before the beginning of the film with the short “Lifted”, i commented on it and there placed my view on the subject.

The way the story develops is fully Disney anchored, some bad people, lots of great beings, some trouble in the middle and a happy ending. We’re used to it.

The reason why this is adventurous is because of the movement and placement of the virtual camera. This is really well done. I suspect the reason why a mouse was chosen was because being such a small animal, which at the same time can move around easily, it was perfect for being climbing up shelves, going inside walls with rusty pipes, being on the floor looking up, being inside a cooker’s hat (and there you get the transparency of that hat, another theme to work visually) and moving quickly between all those places. So they have that point of view, the one of the mouse, and layered on that, they shift constantly and go to the point of view of the humans around, other animals. This is very well paced, of course, and the editing is superb. The camera works as Welles might have done it, it understands virtual space, and explores it.

This is much much better in these concerns than “finding Nemo” (which was sort of a disappointment to me) and i suspect i know why. There we had an immense space (the ocean) which we were free to explore. But that wasn’t well done there probably because there were lacking physical references, objects that could stay still while the characters were moving around (great work exploring the possibilities of deep space is the one Besson does, while filming directly the ocean in Atlantis but also in practically the rest of his work).

My evaluation: 4/5

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