Lifted (2006)

“Lifted” (2006)



You will watch this short in the theatre before the beginning of Ratatouille. And it’s very well placed, since it indicates much of the theme that drives Ratatouille. An artist puppeteering an instrument in order to create his art.

This short may be understood as a synonym for the work of an animator. Really really hard to manage, check out the number of buttons in the board of the spaceship. It’s hard to learn the job, and while you don’t master it, all you do will be a disgrace. But if you get to do it well, you’ll do wonders. You’ll puppeteer the world below, create and destroy, move and control.

These small appointments (not necessarily short films) are interesting to me because they are explicit indications pointing on how each creator comes out with his own originality and my opinion is, the creations reflect usually every stuff which is very close to the creator, usually his own thoughts and life (It’s the second time in a short time i identify these signs, the other was with Miyazaki’s Kiki).

The funny thing is when the construction, no matter how simple it is, is honest in its origins, works out very effective, so this short is really really funny.

My evaluation: 4/5

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