Bedazzled (2000)

“Bedazzled” (2000)


it’s about writing, and lips

Once in a while this happens. A movie produced under the most strict commercial constraints which actually has some cleverness behind its conception. It happened to me twice this week to watch to such an event (the other was with “the girl next door”). There is actually a story device here, a strategy. It is simple: our hero visits several worlds according to his “wishes” or at least he thinks. The comedy device comes when we understand each of those worlds will be a)totally different from the previous one and the reality of the hero b)never according to his true wish. This provides the film with a motive for reinvention through out the film which actually is effective. Fraser helps. I usually don’t like his pseudo-clumsy acting style but here he shows really versatile.

Now what i found really interesting: one wishes something, and other thing(s) come along which is to say, to define too many, is error, so the more general you get in what one defines, the more control one gets. This is interesting if seen from a screen-writing perspective; because it has to do with effective control over the medium (and the comedy of the unexpected stuff that happen in the parallel worlds has always to do with omissions or non-considerations or exaggerations in the “wish” itself). I liked it. Anyway, the credit should probably be given to Peter Cook, though i’ll now try to get to the original version to check how it was treated there

Oh, and by the way, Elizabeth Hurley is really a sexual being here. She has physical qualities obviously, but here i think it had to do with the way she uses her mouth. Usually that strikes me as something unnatural about her, but here it really works. Check it. Oh and her British accent also helps here.

My evaluation: 3/5 Get to this

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