School of Rock (2003)

“School of Rock” (2003)


B(l)ack to the past

I have to watch to Jack Black’s recent Tenacious D feature to choose where i like to see Black in “related to music” projects more: the two options for me are either “tenacious d, the pick of destiny” or “High Fidelity”. This “school of rock” is not running for it. Definitely not.

I give great credit to Black, for his complete comedy skills, he successfully joins physical, verbal and gimmick comedy. As important as hearing is seeing him. In High Fidelity he was perfectly adapted and integrated in a correct crew (actors, producers, directors) and was serving a rather intelligent construction, great writing. Here he is prima donna. And he delivers it. If there is one good reason to watch this, is for Black’s performance. And that’s about it. All the rest is just lazy.

The biggest disappointment is definitely Linklater. Apparently, with this one, he moves one step towards uselessness through “blockbusterization” of his once clever and personal film-making style. It happened before, Frankenheimer comes to my mind. His youth work (not that he is old now) was serious, by someone talented, and very pertinent. Than he had “before sunrise” where he came out as fresh as ever, with all the quality and spontaneity of the low budget features. “Before sunset” had none of that, but it was still competent and had some elements. This completely blows it. I have to see his “Fast food nation” to understand if this is to Linklater as a number of films (Jack, The rainmaker, etc) are to Coppola (fund raiser projects, basically) or if he’s really giving up trying to do what he once did well.

My evaluation: 1/5 You don’t have to watch it, unless for Black.

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